About Me

I’m Chi-Ning Chou (周紀寧), a first year Ph.D. student studying computer science in the Theory of Computation Group at Harvard University. I am fortunate to be advised by Professor Boaz Barak. Previously, I was a research assistant under the supervision of Dr. Kai-Min Chung at Institute of Information Science (IIS), Academia Sinica. I received my Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Information Engineering and minor in Mathematics at National Taiwan University in June, 2016.

My research interest is in general theoretical computer science and especially about computational complexity. I am fascinated by problems in circuit complexity, hardness of approximation, and derandomization. In addition, I’m also studying pseudorandomness, boolean analysis, and coding theory. Currently I am working on problems concerning better rounding algorithm for SoS-hierarchy and lower bounds for constant-depth arithmetic circuits.

Outside academics, I play baseball, ping pong, and rubiks cube. I also enjoy listening to classical music, especially Beethoven’s piano sonata.